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To think! Aqueous started off with 2 random men at a bar… Sprinkled in a bit of sugar, spice and everything Aqua, and Poof! Out came the Loch Ness Monster, with 10 feet and 10 arms, straight from the Atlantic Ocean! As this beast began rising from the waters, ready to engulf the world in destruction, the human race began preparing ways to keep the monster at bay. It seemed every news article was reporting this! How could the world not know of such a beast brewing in the Atlantic Ocean! Will Mankind be doomed?! Will the human race be able to band together to stop the destruction that followed?! Will!...

Now that I have your attention. We doubt anyone really reads these things, so figured we'd have a bit of hidden fun with it. But no, back to the real reason you're here reading this!

Aqueous was really a mere joke that arose out of two blue collar workers from two different backgrounds in the greater Boston, MA area. Bryan M. Dungan and David Tanner are the two knuckleheads that started this amazing brand back in 2018 at a hole in the wall in Chelsea, MA called The Chelsea Walk Pub. As the story goes, Bryan was working a hard labor position and David was supposed to meet up a girl there, but the universe had different plans for these two crazies. After a few pints in, both weasels concocted a plan that would stand the test of time.

The very next day the boys met up in Salem, MA and created the following 4 services, that would be the staple point of the entire opperation.

  • Web Development/Design
  • SEO Integration and Deployment
  • Graphic Designing/ Logo Designing
  • Social Media Marketing/ Management

Since that day, Aqueous has been expanding its roots. We have paired up with Steeze Marketing to hit the digital marketing realm on all fronts. We are even working on a CRM as we speak, to deploy with our Aqueous PRO Clients!

Look, let me be perfectly clear here. Merging Steeze Marketing with Aqueous Media Management has been purely joyful and just plain fun! I love the infrastructure they have created here. Plus, being completely 100% transparent with their work ethic and pricing, with not just me, but their clients? It was just a match made that we all needed. Period.

Darryln Johnson II - Owner of Steeze Marketing

Our team has been working our asses off to finish this CRM with an amazing Aqueous PRO dashboard. So stick with us, and you're gonna see some pretty sweet things emerge for you all. So without much to do or say, we'd love to say thank you for having enough Aqueous love to even read this far. Because again, who actually reads this. So as a result, If you've even spend the time to read this far, today's your lucky day. When you contact us about your brand, and decide you want to close the deal? Be sure to tell us these exact words, and we'll give you an extra 5% off your ending bottom dollar number! Ready? Say "Aqueous Is The Bee's Knees, His Legs & His Arms!" and Vuala! Done Spanking Deal!